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    RFP Submissions

    Do you have an event or group interested in visiting our destination? Interested in gaining information on attractions, sites, accommodations, and pricing for a conference, small meeting, group tour, or special event? Please submit your RFP to Christine ( and we’ll review your RFP, gather any additional information from you to ensure a vetted proposal screening, and promptly connect you with the ideal experience suited to your budget and needs.

    Apply for Co-Op Advertising Grants

    Apply for
    Tourism Grant Funding

    Learn more about Visit Perrysburg grants available for Co-Op Advertising dollars:

    Visit Perrysburg Co-Op Advertising Grant Guidelines


    Learn more about Visit Perrysburg grants available for Tourism-Related Events and Programming:

    Visit Perrysburg Tourism Grant Application

    Influencer and Community Content Collab

    We are now offering a paid collaboration partnership with influencers as well as community-driven content for our social media and digital presence. We are looking for influencers to promote travel, shopping, dining, attractions/events, and overnight experiences in Perrysburg.

    Please email our office for our wants/needs and how you can be financially compensated per project. Experience and a strong following on social media is preferred, but all are welcome to learn more and potentially partner with us on various projects annually.